Monday, June 6, 2016

Piano Party

Huelan has been taking piano lessons since sometime in January, and this is her first "Piano Party," which is basically a hippie term for a recital.  There were about 20 kids of varying levels, including Sofia and Milo, the sister & brother who she takes her group lesson with.

The first 6-8 weeks were almost torturous- we nearly pulled the plug on the whole endeavor because Huelan just did not want to practice at home (I have a feeling that it was partially due to Milo and Sofia being a few weeks ahead of her, causing her to feel remedial).  But then something just clicked and she started seeing progress, and now she loves to show off her new songs and improvement in the ones she's been practicing.

As someone who has never had an aptitude for playing music, even this modest display of talent (perhaps more so the fact that she stuck to it) makes my heart swell.

Also, Chappell of the Chimes is breathtaking, and we decided that's where we want to be laid to rest. 

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