Tuesday, August 6, 2013

First Month


We're a month in.  Feels like a year. 

At one month, Vansen's starting to fill out nicely.  The kid's got an insatiable appetite that keeps Liz tied up for about a half an hour every two hours or so.  He's packing on the ounces; though we haven't weighed him since the last doc's visit, he definitely feels heavier and is started to get those tell-tale baby chub rolls.  He hasn't fit his NB sized diapers since the second day we brought him home, and he's firmly into his 3mo wardrobe now.  He's going to eat us into debt come about age 13.

Though his limbs still move completely independently and without any semblance of coordination, his neck is getting a little stiffer so that his head only bobs a full 360.  Just side to side now.  He's awake a little more during the day, responding a bit to the faces we make and reacting to our voices sometimes.  Though shapes are supposed to be getting clearer to him, what he really likes are overhead lights, especially the skylights in the kitchen.

At one month, he spends most of his time cradled in the crook of one arm or draped over one shoulder, which is just fine with us.

At 3.6 years, Huelan spends most of her time doing exactly what she wants, which mostly involves outings with Gosia during the day and the exact opposite of what we ask in the evening.  The sweetness is still there, the hugs, kisses, and vivaciousness.  But the tantrums can be fierce.  At times, she's totally, tenderly aware that she's in tantrum mode, but just can't stop doing it.  We're getting a little better at talking her through it, like a spirit guide through a bad trip, but if we fail to come up with the magic words or paint the right picture, she goes deeper toward the dark side.  At this age, the ability to reason is only beginning to form while emotion is raw and unfiltered.  I have a feeling it's going to be a while before that ratio turns in my favor.

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Friday, August 2, 2013


Life is perfect.