Monday, February 23, 2015

Tet, Ba Noi Visit

A few pics I had in my phone from the holiday weekend- he did much better with his haircut this time, and the result was straight lines! So preppy. 

More pics coming soon from Tet and the baptism. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Cupcakes and Quiet

We didn't do a really thorough job of planning a romantic Valentine's Day, even though it fell on a Saturday and we would have had ample time to do something epic. Going out just seemed like too much to handle after a particularly busy week, which was tacked on to a string of other busy weeks. 

Buuuut.... BiBi stepped in and kind of forced us to take some time to ourselves, though, by taking the kids to an outdoor screening of Shrek at a friend's house (where 5-6 other couples dropped off their kids for V-Day as well). 

So we ordered some fancy French take out, opened a bottle of wine, and we had a beautiful, quiet dinner together in our own kitchen. It was luxuriously, decadently quiet and we actually had the opportunity to taste the food and converse. Simple, novel, perfect. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Cluckin' Valentine's

I used garage saling as a pretense to take Huelan out on a mini Daddy-Daughter Valentine's date this morning. We stopped by one sale (where the operator said Huelan was so cute that she didn't have to pay for the keychain she wanted. Nice gesture, but I think it sets a bad precident, so I forced her to give the lady a quarter out of her pouch. This happens at least once every trip).  

Then hit up Casa de Chocolates to get Momma and BiBi some sweets and a nibble of our own. And a nibble is all I got of that strawberry- she wolfed it down. 

The best part of the morning was on our walk back to the car on Ashby. There were chicken on the sidewalk, hens belonging to a family who lived on the corner. I guess free range means free to walk around the neighborhood? Well, at least they were friendly chickens. Huelan held a couple of them and she even got a freshly laid, warm egg to take home as a souvenir. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Splish Splash

We haven't had a good rain in a while, so when it came down this weekend, we took the opportunity to get out of the house and look for some puddles.  Because we live on a hill, all most of the water quickly drains, so this little puddle in our driveway was the best one.  They didn't seem to mind.

Mom wasn't home so this is what we do get get out of the house when it's just Ba.

Monday, February 2, 2015


He wanted a horsey ride from Momma, but this was as high as she could get him. 

Super Sunday

I hear that Superbowl Sunday is second only to Thanksgiving in food comsumption. Or it's possible that I made that up. If I did make that up, I did everything I could to make it be true. There was loads of smoked, grilled, fried, sauted, dried, tossed, and baked food piled high in chafing dishes and platters. I worked through a little of everything and went back for much of it. 

There was also a great game on at Brandt and Joni's, but with all that food and an outstanding view, it was difficult to focus. 

Kinda difficult to tell, but they're playing street football. We used to do a lot of that kind of thing in the local parking lots. Kids don't care about traffic.