Sunday, May 22, 2016


Weekend mornings are the best. 

(10 mins later they were trying to take each other's heads off.)

Saturday, May 21, 2016

High School Grad!

Today was kind of a nutso day. 

Sophia's graduation was the main event, and Liz went along with much of the family. The kids and I went to gymnastics, followed by Lila's birthday party at Fairyland, which was kind of unstructured, which kind of makes it difficult when I've got both kids. 

But we survived and made it to McCormock & Kuletos right on time for lunch. Which was beautiful- it could not have been a nicer day. But both kids (and I) were kind of worn out a bit by then and there was some of the requisite crankiness. Nothing we couldn't handle though! 

Friday, May 20, 2016

Giants vs. Rockies

I had to stand next to these dumb trophies, but at least we saw the Rockies score a record13 runs in an inning. 

First Daddy Daughter Dance

About a million little girls in an elementary school cafeteria hopped up on licorice, popcorn, & fruit punch. 

More fun than it sounds.

In all honesty, it was set up way cooler than I was anticipating. Lights, balloons, and a decent spread of apps. It was mostly the younger cohort of girls (though Camille, the 5th grade buddy made it), but they were having a blast. The conga line went for about a half an hour. 

At the end of the night, many of the girls got on stage to Macarena, Whip, & Nene- it was incredibly cute. 


Been another sick season- can't believe that we've been able to see this team play upclose. 

Vlad and I went to game 5 of the Semis, which started 15mins late because they presented Steph with the MVP trophy.  Game 5 also ended up being the closeout game, so it was a pretty good night. 


Beyonce puts on quite a show! The show creeped up on us, as we've been really busy since I got Liz the tix for Valentines Day. But we made all the arrangements for kid care and picked a casual (and delicious) ramen spot in San Jose. G & Reva ended up getting tix last minute, too. 

She announced that her favorite song from the Lemonade album is All Night, which is also the song I picked as my favorite, song. I'm cool and tasteful like that. 

Production was awesome and E-40 and Too Short warmed up the crowd. Sweet show, even if we did have to miss game 1 of Warriors vs. OKC (OKC won). 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Dr. Mimi Ly!

Well, this was an awesome day!  For as long as I can remember, Mimi has been working toward being a pharmacist.  That probably had a lot to do with Dad, who always wanted one of his girls to be a pharmacist....  The amount of hard work, diligence and dedication can't be understated.  And she did it!

More pics here

Sunday, May 8, 2016


The bush went in May 1- hopefully we got the right variety this time!

Lovely Day for a Nature Walk

The kids both complained about the walk, and we didn't get too far, but they did enjoy the picnic and the tree climbing. 

Mothers Day 2016

Busy weekend, as so many are. Caleb's birthday party at the new Ly Concord house, mom staying here, as Mothers' Day brunch at our place. So many fun and funny moments. I'll memorialize this one here and try to post some more pics later. 

Monday, January 4, 2016

Pot Roast

Made this pot roast from one of the last cuts of beef from 1/4 cow that we got last year from Petaluma. 

But the reason for the post isn't the meal (tho it was perfectly juicy & tender!)- I'm showin off the new Lodge enamelled cast iron dutch oven I got for xmas- maiden voyage was a success, a delicious, savory success!

Tooth Fairy

Huelan lost her first tooth Dec 28, then promptly lost her second tooth on Jan 1. She could not be more proud and excited to show off her new gap-toothed grin at school today. 

We were stuggling a tiny bit with how much the Tooth Fairy was going to value each tooth (especially after the long flight from China). Glad we went with the small denomonations. 

Time Lapsed; Auntie Barbara

Oops I almost let another month go by between blog posts!  What can I say, sometimes I am on it, sometimes I slip.  Sometimes, it's just hard to muster some creative energy at the end of a long day.

Several very cool things have happened in the past month, but the funnest might have been Vansen's birthday/4th of July party.  It was just a family affair, so it was very relaxed. It was also a beautiful, sunny day that was begging some water-balloon tossing.

He doesn't quite have the hang of it- luckily for me this one missed.  

Vansen also had his 2yo doctor's appt- shots and general check up.  He weighs in at 36lbs (Huelan weighs 38lbs).  I forget what his height came out to be, but he grew 2.5 inches since our last home measurement, just, four months ago.  Good enough for 99%tile in both height and weight.  Good thing he's a gentle giant for the most part.

Huelan has been busy as ever.  Swimming twice weekly and gymnastics on Saturday mornings have us running around a bit, but she has the energy only kids are blessed with, and it doesn't even phase her.  

One of the awesome things that Huelan has been doing is READING!  She's five-and-a-half, and lots of kids start to read around this age, and she's just doing small words and sentences in the most basic of kid books, but it's definitely reading, which amazes me and just swells me with fatherly pride almost to the point of tears. I just love it.   Pretty soon, she going to be immersing herself in the wonderful world of books and it all starts with, "Kit sat on the mat."

Along with the joyful stuff of the last month, there were some decidedly sad and tragic events.  Auntie Barbara passed after a long battle with the after-effects of a debilitating stroke.  She worked as the banquet manager at the Fairmont San Francisco (where she organized our wedding reception) for over three decades, and as such hosted celebrities and dignitaries from around the world.  She died peacefully and we believe comfortably, but for such a vibrant, outgoing woman to change so drastically after her stroke was truly tragic.  You are loved and missed!

Christmas 2015- Great Christmas, or Greatest Christmas?

I hesitate to call anything perfect, because, really, everything can be a *little* better, but this Christmas was as close to perfect as any family holiday can be.

First, let's start with the obvious- no travel for/with any of the kiddos simplified matters for all involved.  Having the kids sleep in their own beds just made it all easier, which equated to happy, well-rested kids.  The four adults who traveled here did it with aplomb (despite a few minor snags!).  And the house hosted everyone with ease.

We had plenty of delicious food thanks to everyone chipping in with a dish or meal.  Seafood Hot Pot.  Hue food from Ba No's luggage.  Egg casserole.  And crown jewel of Christmas dinner- the prime rib roast.  Eating together is such a great part of the holiday memories!

And of course the kids. There are now three little ones in the youngest generation, and the two older ones are totally stoked on Christmas.  With all the decorations, anticipation, and excitement, they could feel the holidays in the air.

As for the generation up, my cohort, well, our gift to Ba Noi was her first Christmas ever with three grandkids as well as all her kids having a boy/girlfriend.  She was grinning all weekend.

THEN, we had Christmas at Grandma and Papa's!  And we did it all again- family, food, gifts, new-born cousin, and a 6th Birthday party to top it off!

OK, I decided: Greatest Christmas.

Pics here

And the SF Xmas!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Caleb catch up

We all cannot believe that it's been 4 months already with this little guy. He's grown quite a bit since the last checkup with him practically gaining nearly a pound a week! This visit he weighed in at 17.8lbs putting him in the 89percentile, not too bad.

With this visit came more vaccinations, he did great with the shots initially, but a fever took him for several hours and he also had vomitting spells. Super scary, since he wouldn't take any liquid infant tylenol and was becoming very pale. We were terrified, and called the advice nurse and ended up taking Caleb to the emergency room to get him checked out to rule out anything super serious. After being there for a couple hours, he was cleared to go. We didn't sleep much that night, but the next day he didn't reject the tylenol and was better by the evening.

Rewinding a couple weeks, we spent 2.5 weeks down at Ba Noi's house (grandma's). As Patty and I have 3 weeks overlapping between our baby-bonding time, we decided to take a road trip down south. We stayed a night in Cambria on the way down and had a great time. It was Caleb's first time at the beach! I think he liked it.

From Cambria we went to Ba Noi's house where she was greet by Caleb's bright smile and cackling laughter. She made all of our favorite foods and was able to watch him on a couple of nights so that Momma and Ba could go out to celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary. We had a nice dinner and watched a movie as well, it was a great celebration. 

We had gone to the beach a few more times while our stay at Ba Noi's and the weather was very accomodating. Caleb and momma loved it immensely. The sound of crashing waves, smell of the saltwater, it doesn't get much better than that for a vacation.

From there we drove dowm to La Jolla to our wedding ceremony site and took a picture, we're trying to make it a tradition to take a picture every year there. On our way back home, we stayed a night in Santa Barbara and a night in Monterey. It was great being able to split up the drive home into 3 legs. It really pains me putting Caleb in a car seat for hours on end.

Patty goes back to work tomorrow and I will be taking care of Caleb, it's definitely going to be interesting how that goes. I'm trying to think of things to do with him besides strolling him to the park, feeding him, putting him down for naps and stuff. RIght now, the park will be the main activity. I mean, it's not like i can take him to the casino, shooting range or hunting excursions. It'll be interesting how this next week will pan out.

This is the time that we can never get back, and we are making every effort to milk it for all it's worth.