Monday, June 20, 2011

Efficiency Post!

The last few months kinda got away from us!  We've been having a blast with Huelan and had some great adventures, but with me starting my new (old) job and chasing around an increasingly quicker munchkin, blogging got put on the back burner. 

But no more!  We've settled a bit and our major trips are behind us for now, so we are finally catching y'all up. 

In April Huelan met her great-grandfather, who was in SoCal for about a month visiting from Viet Nam.  Huelan is his only great-grandchild, and they had a BLAST. 

Some pics here

In May the big event was our Maui trip, which was even awesome-er than anticipated.  Huelan absolutely loved the beach and the pool, just couldn't get enough.  We were there for a wedding, and it was picture perfect, on a bluff overlooking the ocean. 

As you can tell, Maui treated us well.  We shared a condo with Melinda, Sienna and Yvonne, in a complex with a bunch of other friends.  We basically ate a bunch and spent a lot of time at the pool and beach.  The best move, however, was crashing the pool at the Four Seasons on our last full day.  Posh.  I even got to play golf.

Some awesome pics here

And I might as well throw in some vids as well:

Huelan and Sienna cutting it up at the Maui wedding:

First time at the beach- picked a nice one!

She gets this from her Ba Noi:

And finally, yesterday was Fathers' Day.  Great day with the fams- hanging out in the sun, occassionally checking in on Rory, and stuffing my face with BBQ. Happy Fathers's Day to me.