Wednesday, September 29, 2010

9 Months!

It's been a busy few weeks for us- Nicole turned 9 months(!!!) yesterday.

I've had my hands full leaving my old job and ramping up at Intuitive Surgical. Leaving this job was a difficult process, but I am very excited to have a cool opportunity lined up. With robots. I get about 4 weeks of home study, which I am excited about because I'll get to spend much of it close to home with Huelan.

One of the big events of the last few weeks was Huelan's christening at St. Brennan's. Father Dan, the priest who married us, performed the baptism. The dress Huelan wore for her baptism (above) is the one Grandma wore sixty-something years ago!

Ba Noi came up for the ceremony and stayed with us for about 4 days, which was great because Huelan is so interactive now. She can easily crawl wherever she wants, and we do a lot of chasing (a game she loves). She's not satisfied with just crawling though- she likes to stand up holding on to the couch or walls and walk around from place to place.

Every day she's doing something different. Right now, she is loving being close to other kids. She makes these grunting noises in an attempt to communicate, which is hilarious, then she'll try to reach out and touch their faces. There are a number of kids in the neighborhood ages 3mos-3years, so it's fun to take Huelan out and see how they interact.

Here are some more pics from the past couple of weeks. There are also a bunch on David's Blog (link to the right)

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Three Day

We were inspired by perfect weather and great friends to make the most of the long weekend. G and Carreey had this idea to get out and do something different everyday, so we hatched a plan that included Cal's home opener, Lake Chalet, Golden Gate Fields, Takara Sake Factory, Vik's Distributors, and BBQ at Kim and Adam's place. We packed it in and had a terrific time, got a ton of sun and few beverages.

here are some pics

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Thursday, September 2, 2010


Even though she started teething about a month ago, we couldn't really see the teeth until about two weeks ago, and this is the first pic we've managed to snap of her chompers. And they are sharp!

Sunday we were at Skates on the Bay, where we had a joint birthday brunch for Grandma and Auntie Laurie. Huelan had a big smile on her face because the wind was blowing pretty hard outside, and she loves watching the leaves rustle.

Here are some other pics from the weekend, including Karen's baby shower.

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