Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sunny Sandbox Wednesday

Wednesday is the day that Huelan gets to hang out with Grandma and Pappa. She doesn't really know that they're going to be there until they show up, but when they do, it's almost more excitement than Huelan can handle.

Part if that is because they often come bearing gifts- like today when we unloaded a sandbox. You can see in the first pic, she's in the sandbox in her pajamas. In the last pic, she's still in the sandbox after I got home from work. Yes, she kind of loved it.

Daddy Daughter

Tuesday night is Liz's night to play volleyball, so that usually means thay Huelan and Ba go out on the town. His week was especially fun, as we shared a big bowl of noodles, a scoop of cherry vanilla, stopped by the firetruck, and visited the goats on the hillsdide. And were knocked out by 9:15.

Weekend Pics

We got outside a bunch this weekend, and this week looks to be even nicer.

That's Huelan trying to show Sasha her rockstar hands, Huelan borrowing Maggie's hula hoop, and the girls refusing to pose for a pic.

Ni Hao

Memorial day weekend was a great way to slip casually into summer. We mananged to stay busy but have enough down time to be just the right amount of lazy. Yvonne even helped us make it educational!


This is her first lollipop. Of course she flipped out over it.


She'll rock these shades then try to make the Rock n Roll hand sign. But it ends up as a peace sign. Oh well that works too.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Thing About Weekends

Is that there's just not enough of them. I am sure that this comes as news to no one. So that makes it doubly sucky when I am out of town and miss mornings with the three of us. Pur weekend mornings are especially fun right now because Huelan likes to walk into our room and chill in our bed for a while, like she did this morning a few weeks ago:

YouTube vid here

But I suppose I really should be focussing on the great time I've been having in SoCal this weekend- Mimi's graduation from USC, and some great, overdue quaility time with the fam. Of course it involved a ton of food, and we still have at least one more meal lined up...

Happy Mothers' Day!

Hopefully I'll be home by dinner!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Going to Work

On those blocks. Two handed technique...

Weekend to Weekend

Though this is how we usually live, this week it's especially true. We survived last weekend, though not without a few trials. My basic strategy is to keep Huelan as busy as possible with physical activities. So Saturday we went swimming, went to the huge play structure at Robert's Camp, visited the Vivarium, and made a quick Target run.

Then Sunday it was Tilden steam trains first thing in the morning, then the ZOo for a few hours with Uncle Anh. My plan backfired on Sunday evening though- I ran Huelan around so much that she passed out at 6pm. At about 7 I started to panic, wondering what was going to happen- was this a nap or was she down for the night? She woke up at around 9:30 (I'm scared at this point) and she wants to eat. After dinner, some hide & seek, and TV, she went down a little after 11:30. And me a little after that.

I slept like a dead person - best sleep in weeks - and woke up a new man Monday morning. Liz came back Monday night- we survived! Though now we're switching places, as I am on my way down to LA for the weekend for Mimi's USC graduation. Be back Sunday- good luck babe!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Mr. Mom

With momma out of town for a few days, Ba has to think fo some stuff to keep us busy (and wear Huelan out). Tonight we hit up Play Cafe for the first time and then one of our favorite daddy daughter date destintions Lanesplitters for some thin crust and chalkboard with uncle Anh.

Survived the second night... the welend will be the real test though!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Going to work!

Casual Friday is for slackers.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

40 Wow

Over the weekend we celebrated Lynn & Larry's 40th wedding anniversary with a beautiful mass at St Anne's followed by a hugemungous brunch and a day of chillin at the Lee pad. As great as the food was, the company was better. And that's saying a lot considering the buffet had a silky pate and cheese spread.

I am sure that Dave's blog has more pics>>>>>>>>>>>>

Real Mature Ba...