Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Little Excited

Sorry I didn't rotate this before posting!  But just wanted to share some of Huelan's excitement about Christmas.  She doesn't quite know what's going on yet, just that she has a bunch of new toys and Mom and Dad are both home and playing with her.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Leggo My Eggo

For some reason, she is totally into eggs right now.  Here, she's playing with her currently favorite app- and Easter game.  She loves her play egg groceries, and has been eating tons of eggs.  But she only likes the yolks- how weird is that?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tom and Adrienne

Tom put a ton of thought into his propsal to Adrienne, and it paid off!  Though it was a brisk day at the base of the  Golden Gate, we had plenty of sunshine and everyone was in a sunny mood.  A big crew turned out for the big day, and of course there was food and drink afterward.

The video of the Big Moment is below, and you can see some pics here, along with some pics of the latest episode Liz's ongoing birthday party.


We sent out a picture card again this year, and again we tried to take the pics in our home studio (living room).  We were really happy with the picture we chose, but we had to take a lot of pictures before we got a few decent ones.  Some almost made the cut- you can check them out here

Looking back

I figured I should try to get a Thanksgiving post out before Christmas comes, so here goes.  We took nice long trip to SoCal, leaving early morning on Thanksgiving and pulling into the driveway in Stanton just before noon.  We planned an entire week in SoCal, plenty of opportunity for quality time with family and friends.  And eat a ton.  Huelan was able to sink her teeth into some turkey this year, and did a great job on potoatoes and stuffing too.  And of course had some of BaNoi's cooking.

One of the best things about our SoCal visits is the chance to hang out with friends with kids.  Great getting to see all of the little munchkins growing up and getting into trouble!

Here are some pics.