Sunday, July 26, 2015

Park time

We were fortunate to go to the park where the Ly kids can kick it. Most times our schedules are hit and miss, but we made the most outta it this time. It was a time of firsts. First time that Caleb was outdoors for  the longest stretch of time, 5hours and first time Vansen had a big kid's ice cream popsicle.

Caleb was pretty much chill the whole time, just laying on the blanket in the shade of a tree. He loved looking up at the leaves swaying and seemed to really like the breeze too. My thought is that 15,000 years ago, there weren't any houses  or structures, so our ancestors were in the outdoors all the time and Caleb being outdoors was home base to him....he loved it! Maybe that's why most little kids love being outside?

Vansen and his ice cream was so cute and funny, I still laugh about it, especially when seeing pictures. He chose the spiderman ice cream with 2 gumballs as eyes and Nyo Nyo chose the ninja turtles. When he ate that thing, half of it was either on his face, legs, arms. He loved it so much. I feel like an accomplished uncle having given him his first big boy's ice cream.

Here are some pictures of today's park day.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Story time

First night getting this little guy into a night time routine. Bath, food and storybook. Hope it catches on soon!