Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Future's So Bright

Well, you know the rest. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Sometimes they're cute with each other. Mostly, she's cute with him, saying things like, "He's the cutest thing in this house." She often likes to snuggle with him, too. 

For him, on the other hand, this hug is more rare. When we ask for a hug or a kiss, 70% chance he just flat out says, "No." and walks away.  In the mornings, I usually go to his room first because he's awake first. That's usually the best time for hugs. But when she starts to stir, he hears her and doesn't want me to go get her. 

She's pretty good a sharing stuff with him and taking turns. Him not so much. He's in a "Mine!" kind of phase, so sometimes feelings are hurt (among other things). 

But... sometimes they're cute, and those are the best times. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Double Date

A rare week it was last week- we went out without the kids two nights in a row. On school nights even!  The Warriors are making a run in the playoffs, and Liz is a lifelong Warriors fan, so she's amped. This game was actually kind of a last minute add- we were going to sell these tix but just couldn't, so we ended up asking Gosia to stay late and watch the kids, along with Case, the neighbor kid she has 2 evenings a week. It was kind if a scramble through the back roads or east Oakland, but we made it just in time for tip off!

Then Wednesday night, we had tickets for the Dodger/Giants game. Not as fun as the Warrios game, mostly because of the outcome (middle game of a 27 inning shutout). Oh well, at least the company was good. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

You're Invited

We're having a birthday party for Blankie. Look for your invite in the mail!

Sunday, May 10, 2015


Liz took her to her first dental appt. Clean bill of health, and Liz said that there was just a little moment of hesitant nervousness when the power brush turned on. Otherwise, no sweat. 

Mother's Day

What a nice Mother's Day!  Some nice BBQ awaited us in San Jose, where we dined al fresco and were treated to some perfect weather. And a big surprise (on Mother's Day, wink wink).

But first, we kicked the day off with a quick visit to one of the world's newest mothers- Auntie Patty! She had the baby after a early and protracted labor.  I'll leave it to Anh to fill in the details, but the beautiful, healthy baby boy who had been keeping them nearly sleepless since Wednesday finally decided he was ready to join us Saturday morning.  Huelan is very excited to be a Medium Cousin (she's not a big girl yet), and Vansen said, "Bye, Bye, baby cousin."  Really super cute.

Also, Huelan was surprised at how small her cousin is, and was even more surprised to learn that she was even smaller when she was born ("I was as long as his toe to his ear!").

Thursday, May 7, 2015


Liz got her some (awesome) tickets from someone at the office, so she went to a baseball game with Sophia and SuHan. Great seats, sorry game. 

I didn't feel lkke chasing the lids around the house by myself all evening, so on the spur of the moment, we made an evening out of getting Vansen his first haircut from someome other than my mom (I was in college before that happened), grabbing some pho (Huelan's request), and finishing the LAST of the Skittles. 

Another day in the books. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Few More

I'd give it a few more months til these fit. Five or six max. A few months after that he might even figure out which foot to put them on. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

This is just too precious. Taken by Laurie while Liz and I were at the Warriors game on Sunday. How she caught both of them in perfect poses is beyond me- she must have found the Skittles. And of course, Sophia always looks great. 


Of course Huelan had to go and tattle on me right away. Liz comes home and Huelan says, "This morning, when we had Skittles for breakfast, baby brother ate more than me."

Well, it was the truth. That boy loves Skittles. 

Aside from jacking up their blood sugar levels, we got into a lot of other things this weekend while Liz was with the girls in Healdsburg. My philosophy is to be out and about with them as much as possible when I have them by myself. We kicked off the day pretty early with Huelan's gymnastics class at Clark Kerr. I got spoken to twice about letting Vansen run and jump around on the pads and stuff while we were waiting, but there was really no way to stop him. 

We went straight from there to the Spring Fair at the elementary school, which is basically a fundraiser with carnival games. Huelan is pretty good at winning junk; whether it's popping balloons with darts, ring toss, or picking rubber duckies, she had her luck rolling that day, and she was super proud of herself.  Vansen on the other hand was solely interested in the bouncy house and took at least three trips in there. 

After heading back for a short nap and lunch, we hit the park. A birthday party was there and they had a drum circle. Very Oakland. They even let Huelan and Vansen bang around a bit, and they had an absolute blast. They didn't sound too bad either. One of the guys leads a kids' drum session downtown on Saturdays- i think I might bring the kids by. 

Saturday night was the May-Pac fight, and a few people came over to watch. Vansen went to sleep a little late, but Huelan was up til 11:00 almost. Must have been the Skittles. 

This morning, Liz broke off her weekend early to go to the Warriors game while Laurie and Sophia watched the kids. They both sacked out early tonight. I shoud too, but I'm too tired to sleep. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

I Think We're Alone Now

When we're alone I give them all the candy they want. 

Baby Shower for Baby Ly

Our baby shower was held last Sunday at Hung and Liz's house. Patty's sisters Kristine and Karla, Bi and Liz all planned and organized the awesome event. It was completely secretive like a covert ops mission, even through all of the interrogating that Patty and I done, they did not crack. Pretty good.
The shower was everything we hoped it to be, great food, games, decor, weather, guests. It is something that we will never forget. There was even a photo-shoot set up with back drop and everything. 

Thanks again to everyone and a big THANKS to everyone that helped organize!

Here are some of the photos. Once we compile the photos from the other cameras, we'll share them too:

Only 23 more days until our DUE DATE!!