Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Flying Solo

(Huelan at her sleepover)

(Cursed with my hairline but blessed with Liz's dimples. Can't win 'em all.)

Tonight is the last night of a short work trip to LA.  

Last weekend I had both kids by myself for the first time. For about five hours. I was a little scared, but managed it ok. Maybe we watched a little more TV than we usually do and perhaps I held Vansen during his nap so that he'd sleep longer. The details are fuzzy....

Well Liz has had both kids since Monday, and she had the brilliant idea of setting up Huelan with a sleepover at Grandma's Tuesday night. I tell you that woman is a genius. 

So, yes, we are both scared of being alone with our kids for extended periods of time (me more so than Liz, to be fair). 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Oakland al Fresco

Sometimes the only way we can get Huelan to stay put for a picture is tell her that she can make a funny face.  Most of the time, she makes this one, and I make that one.

This was taken tonight after dinner on the pier at Lake Chalet.  Something we haven't had a ton of recently is spontaneity, but tonight the weather was perfect and we felt like eating outside.  We also felt like having someone else make and bring us food, and then clean up; a great combination of those things can be found at this spot.  Even Vansen approved.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Little Buddha

Smaller babies nurse on him.  

Monday, September 16, 2013

Flipping Out

Where we live, it doesn't really have sense to have a swimming pool- we'd probably only use it four weeks a year- but we do have sprinklers, which in some ways is more fun. With the dog days of summer upon us here in Oakland, temps topped out at around 85, which was perfect for a few sprinkler runs.  

And with the latest Picasa feature that stitches consecutive shutter releases together like a flip book, we can share the fun.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Selling It

This is not typically my M.O., and Liz was surprised that it I allowed this to happen, but since Liz and Ba Noi were going to get a mani-pedi before Anh and Patty's wedding, I allowed Huelan to attempt to sell me as to why she might have earned a mani-pedi herself.

She was positively beaming during the polishing, and was dancing around for days after showing off her nails.
Gradually over the last six months, she transitioned from a dino-loving, rough-and-tumble girl into a princess watching, necklace wearing, beauty shop playing girly-girl.  That's the way it goes I guess.  She still likes the rough-housing and being tossed around, so I've got that going for me. I might as well stop pretending that I have any control over this at all....

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Contrary to reports, I did not get carried away and inadverantly punt him. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Baby Talk

In the last two weeks, seems like the little fella's discovering that he can use his voice for more than just screaming.  Here's a conversation with Grandma where he seems undecided as to whether he wants to laugh or cry.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ong Co

Ba Noi's dad (Ong Co) has two great grandchildren- Huelan and Vansen. He and Ba Co recently moved to the US and are expecting a grandchild in just a few months. One of these days we'll have to count the grandchildren, but I'd say it tops 20 pretty easily. 


These cankles recently weighed in at 13lbs, 7oz and 24.25 inches. That's 94th and 91st percentiles for two month olds. That's some good home cookin....

We're Back

A month is a loooong time to be away from the blog at this age- Vansen is twice as old today as he was the last blog entry!

We've had an eventful month, highlighted by the road trip to San Diego for Anh + Patty's wedding.  We made a week of it, driving down on the prior Sunday and spending the whole week on vacation.  We've never had a SoCal vacation like this- lazy summer trip without a real itinerary- and it was awesome.

Some highlights of that trip and some other random stuff I remember from the month:

- The drive to OC was 8 hours long, which wasn't actually too bad.  It was a pretty low-stress drive with plenty of nursing stops.  Huelan had the mini-DVD player set up for the first time, so she was pretty stoked.

- Crystal Cove is a perfect little family beach.  It's just young families and the beach is big enough to explore but not so big that you have to worry about getting lost on endless stretches.  Huelan's a big fan of the tidepools, where we held hermit crabs! Then there's Ruby's Shake Shack at the top of the hill- a perfect way to end a sunny day.

- The Natural History Museum of LA.  We never go to LA.  I've been told that LA has restaurants, beaches, parks, and museums, but we've never seen them.  Though Huelan's kind of phasing out of her dinosaur obsession (and into fairies/princesses), she was still stoked to get up close and personal with some fossils.  Maybe her favorite thing about the the fully assembled fossils was pointing out the dino butt. The NHM also has this butterfly tent that was super cool- dozens of interestingly colored butterflies up close and personal.  LA- who knew?

- San Diego. The fam stayed at a house in PB with a deck and a view of Mission Bay, and the wedding was in La Jolla, at a perfect little spot on the beach called the Wedding Bowl, which claims to be the most booked wedding spot in America.  Look at the pictures and you'll see why.  Obviously great to get all the family together for a big celebration.  Huelan reprised her role as flower girl along with Viet's daughter Leah, who is also a major cutie.

- One of my funniest memories is from the rehearsal dinner.  Anh's doing some intros and comes to Huelan. She's been running around with Leah all night, both on fire.  They met everyone in the restaurant.  So Anh unexpectedly lifts Huelan up in the air and introduces her.  She realizes in a flash that she's in the spotlight and instantly turns on her megawatt smile, just positively beams at everyone.  That's Huelan in a nutshell.

- The wedding itself was just beautiful.  One of those times when the perfect occasion meets the perfect crowd meets the perfect setting.  Strangers watching from the path overlooking the Wedding Bowl, hugging and applauding.  The wedding guests in tears.  Gorgeous bride and groom.

- Debonairest Best Man ever.

- The reception was party time.  Huelan led Leah, Francesco and Jay Sondhi around the dance floor sliding all night.  First Dance, Lion Dance, Break Dance.  Great party.

- We were kind of intimidated by the drive back- San Diego straight though to Oakland.  We left at 11AM and pulled into our driveway at 10:30PM, clocking 11.5 hours on the road.  Sounds grueling, but it was actually pretty casual.  We needed to do make nursing stops every 2-5 hours, and stopped for both a casual lunch and dinner.  It was long, but for the most part easy.  Could have been muuuuch worse.

- The following week getting back to life was a challenge, but at least we had a three day weekend to look to  (Cal Game, Triple Birthday Pool Party in San Jose, Vassar BBQ), and a four day work week after that.   We're getting our bearings back now! Let's see how long that lasts.....

Pics here

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