Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Flowing Locks

This girl has crazy hair- obviously gets it from her mother....
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Monday, July 25, 2011


In vietnamese we have the adjective "hoang," which describes a person who is rambunctious, likes to climb around and jump off stuff, and generally likes rough and tumble action.  Fits Huelan perfectly.  Don't know where she gets it from....

July Fun

July so far has been busy, and most of it has been really fun.  Andrew and Candy hosted an Independance Day BBQ at their new pad, where they are taking on a huge renovation project on an awesome piece of property.  Twins two-year-olds and a renovation- they are far braver than us. 

The next weekend, we packed up the car and drove to Morro Bay, a little beach community near San Luis Obispo, conveniently located halfway between Oakland and OC.  Ba Noi and crew drove up and we spent the weekend in a nice little house with a beach view.  Morro Bay has a cute little boardwalk with excellent garlic fries and ourstanding breakfast spot called Frankie & Lola's.  I recommend their fish on a stick as well, which is a value at $5 at the north end of the boardwalk.

We spent a lot of time in San Luis Obispo, which is an awesome college town.  Clean, sunny, great little restaurants and shops.  We ate at Firestone grill twice.  SLO is all the good parts of Palo Alto with a beach and without the d-bags.

We had a lot of fun, even though Huelan was sick off and on.  Congested and snotty, a weird combination, and hard to shake.  But during her scheduled doctor visit, the doc wasn't concerned.  By the way, she's in the 90th percentile in height and 75th in weight.  Not a small child.

Lots of birthdays in July, too!

Here are some pics from this month

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Monday, July 4, 2011


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Huelan keeps us constantly amused and amazed with her growing vocab.  We are trying to get her to be bilingual, and we are seeing the early signs of her picking it up.  About 90% of what she hears everyday is english, and she defnitely understands a lot of what she hears. About 90% of what she hears from Ba is Vietnamese, though, and it looks like it's making an impact.  She has probably 3-4 VN words of her 15-18 total words.  We've got a long way to go!

Though I think her first word was Ba, I don't really count that as her first Vietnamese word.  Her first VN word is probably "nuoc," which means water.  When we were in Maui, the first second we got to the beach, she must have exclaimed "Nuoc!" 40 times in succession- it was awesome. 

She is also getting very good with names.  She can't say as many names as she knows, but when we say names from our families, she will point to the correct person without hesitation.  My favorite name, though, is the one she gave herself.  About two months ago, Gosia told me that Huelan would point to the mirror and call herself Nyo-Nyo.  When we point to her and ask her, "Who's that?" she'll answer, through her dimply, toothy smile, "Nyo-Nyo!"  We could do it all day, and sometimes we do.

Some pics from Fathers' Day, Mateo Brodrick, Sydney Kate, and Stella