Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Catching up

We've been having so much fun with Huelan, even as she gets harder and harder to keep up with.  It's just fun to be around her as she finds new ways to entertain herself and to get us involved with her games.  A little while ago, she was obsessed with belly buttons.  She would point at her navel, then point to you and expect you to show yours.  Totally calling you out.  She would even look for belly buttons on her toys and dolls. 

She has moved on from that a little bit and is now into stairs.  Which is kind of scary, but she pretty much sticks to the bottom two.  She'll sit on that bottom stair, which conveniently faces a full length mirror, and kick her feet.  She'll come and grab one of us by the hand and bring us over to the stair and sit and play with her.  We climb with her all the way up, and help her down.  When we're out and there are stairs, she can play on them for a half an hour. 

One of the difficult things with her getting a little more aware is that she has developed considerable separation anxiety.  When either of us leaves the room, unless she is totally engaged in a game of her own, she gets a big sad face and might even cry.  It's totally endearing, but it can flip to heart-wrenching when
I have to pry her off my leg and go to work, leaving tears welling up in her eyes.  Boo.

But then, the minute we walk in, she lights up and dashes over - the payoff.

Horsey ride

Surprise ending!