Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Livin's Easy

It's summertime and we've been having some good fun. Weekends have been oxymoronically packed with mellow activities, hanging with friends and family, and soaking in the bay summer. Saturday was Mateo's morning birthday, whih left us with a full day that we spent at the Berkeley Kite Fest then capped off with some burgers grilled on the deck. Sunday we headed back to the city for a gorgeous afternoon in Dolores Park. They just installed a multi-million dollar play structure that had Huelan and Stella in a state of perma-grin.

For the grown ups a bloody mary and some tacos- yes please. Spandex dance troupe was the cherry on top.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ready to Rock

Last Sunday we spent at a beautiful beach in San Raphael called McNear's. Perfect place to enjoy a Bay summer day. Of course there was tons of food (thanks for making an oyster run Jay!), and we were treated to some great DJ's. One problem- it was a hair on the loud side for Huelan (at least her spaz of a dad thought so).

So our solution? Ear protection. Pink of course. With a little flair added by spazzo dad, who did up the ones he had to match.

We've been getting he used to them in the house, turning up the Jambox and rockin' in the kitchen. Next stop- mosh pit.

Monday, July 23, 2012


I spent a couple of days out of town this week, but I had a suprise waiting for me when I got home. A sweet, ite sized suprise.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Morning Person

As you know, a toddler goes through a lot of changes in her sleep habits. This is especially challenging when her parents have parties on the weekend and she doesn't want to sleep because she thinks she'll miss out on the fun.

So she catches up on Monday with a 2.5hr nap and Monday night with a solid 10.5 hours of sleep. So Tuesday morning when she wakes up, after a little singing to herself in her room, she's got a book in hand and is looking for Gosia.

“Huelan Morning Read”
(vid is over 5mins; if you make it through the whole thing you'll see some of her mad counting skillz.)

maybe Embed will work this time:

Sunday, July 15, 2012

"I learned it..."

...from watching you!"

This girl eats well, maybe because she sees us enjoying food. These pics are from Casa de Chocolates, Anh Hong Bo 7 Mon, and Ici.


Ruben and Joaquin on the west coast leg of their journey.  Too fun for words. Luckily there are pics.
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Friday, July 13, 2012


We hit up Bay Street today just cuz Liz and I both got off work early. And old Navy was selling already crazy inexpensive stuff at 30% off. While mom shopped, Huelan and Ba scrwed around the store of course. Which is fine at Old Navy.

But for some reason they're a little more uptight at Banana Republic. Just because we tried on every pair of sunglasses ($80? Who do they think they are, Sungless Hut?) and Huelan was talking to the manequins and touching their butts. Maybe having her kiss herself in the mirror was crossing the line?

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Liz is angling for a summer trim, and she's probably right, but I'm dragging my feet. It is getting pretty long....

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Late Mother's Day pics

I was in SoCal for most of Mother's Day this year, but did manage to make it up for dinner.  Here are some pics of the fun they had without me.
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Hot Start

July has been nothing short of epic, and we're barely through the first week!  An engagement (!!!).  Mulitiple Birthdays. Livermore Forth of July at the Aguilar compound.  Anh brought his fiance (!!!) over to celebrate his birthday and in impromptu Huelan photoshoot broke out.  Bubbles in the yard and on the deck.  Patio gardening.  Deutsche Bank crew came over for June's birthday.  And another pool party today at Ray and Bo's gorgeous pad up in the hills of Milbrae.  Needless to say, lots of food.

(wipes sweat from brow) It's a rough life I tell ya....

some pics here
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End of June Pics

Whoa end of June... It was a great month, come and gone too soon it feels like.  Bi had her birthday, we hit up the Discovery Museum at the Marin Headlands (where they have a Clifford exhibit and we could stay for an entire day if we could keep up with Huelan) and generally enjoyed being out and about like summer should be.  

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Puerto Vallarta '12

Patty and I took a well needed vacation to Mexico just recently to celebrate my birthday.  The place was beautiful and the people friendly.  We definitely got our fill with Mexican food and soaked in the sunshine.  On my 33rd birthday morning, I woke up early to wait for Patty to wake up, because I had a surprise for her.  When I noticed her stirring in bed, i leaned over and waited for her eyes to open.  Once open, I confessed my love for her and asked her hand in marriage!  Fortunately enough she said "Yes!" so that we can go ahead and enjoy our day and newly engagement together!  Patty and I have been in a relationship for nearly 6 years now, so it was, "about time" most would say.  No wedding plans yet, but there will be much research and planning needed!

Some pictures can be seen here: PV '12 pics

Sunday, July 1, 2012

More Dinos

The Conservatory of Flowers at GG Park is hosting a dino exhibit in a muggy room filled with ferns. It was kinda small and hot, but they had four dinos that made sounds when Huelan push the yellow button, so she pushed it and immediately ran to the other side of the room. Repeat about 95 times. We watched. There was also a red button that started a mini earthquake and volcano- that was pretty cool, but she only pushed that button about 68 times.

We picnic-ed on the lawn outside and saw three wedding parties and a quincinera taking pics and could hear the band from Oysterfest in the Glade. A very nice SF Saturday.

*Side note on Oysterfest. Liz and I absolutely love oysters, but there is absolutely nothing anyone can do to get us to line up for a quarter mile around the park for admission into the glade to overpay for oysters and drink beer from plastic cups with five thousand other people. Does that make us old? Cranky? Maybe. But we prefer to think that we just know ourselves a little better than we used to.


Matt & Careey are expecting their son, codename LeBron, in about six days. Actually, it's exactly six days since they have a scheduled c-section on Friday at 12:00 noon. We stopped by to bug them a bit before the kid pops out and peep the new pad, which is basically all set up for the new arrival. That kid is gonna have a lot of gadgets....

Huelan Backyard Bubbles

I know this is a constant underlying theme, but I've actually been pretty good about not harping on it lately. Anyway, I'm succumbing today. She's getting to be a big girl, and it's going by too fast! If you haven't seen her in a while, check out the vid. Definitelty not a baby anymore.

Choo Choo

The genius of Dinisaur Train is that it combines dinisaurs AND trains. Stereotypically, you'd think that it'd be a boy thing, but Huelan absolutely loves both. We've hit up the Tilden Steam Trains a handful of times, but now that she's been into DT, she has a whole train vocabulary, shouting, "All aboard," and "Time tunnel approaching" to everyone within earshot.


A little while ago, we discovered Dinosaur Train, one of the PBS kids series. It took about four seconds for Huelan to decide that it's her favorite show and now it's pretty much all any of us ever watch now. All of a sudden she's a dino expert and can't get enough.