Saturday, January 28, 2012

Big girl seat

Huelan Loves her birthday

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All these parties just kind of melded together, but when Uncle Anh showed up with these balloons on her actual birthday, she new the party was ON.

Stage Laugh

Video Link (couldn't get the embed to work...)

No idea what's gotten into her this day, but sometimes she's just weird.

December Flashback

December is our busiest month (that's my excuse for lagging on these pics), due in large part to the birthdays of my two best girls: Liz on the 6th and Huelan on the 27th. For liz's big day, we continued the annual crab feed celebration at our place. Once again we had a full house and just a claw or two was left over. Our place still smells like garlic noodles (I am not complaining). On her actual birthday, we did a smaller bash, but still managed to eat very well.

Then came Christmas. Wow. Believe it or not, Huelan actually got fatigued opening presents, and when her birthday came, she was overwhelmed!  We were still opening presents a week later. We probably had six or seven celebrations in December- Liz's birthday crab feed, Liz's birthday family party, Liz's birthday at our place on her actual birthday, Christmas, Huelan's post-Christmas birthday, and then Huelan's birthday at our place.  Oh yeah, NYE at home, too.  Decemeber might be our favorite month.

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Photo Booth

Weekends are the best, especially the kind that last three days.  Even better when we have two of those in a row, like we did last weekend.  Huelan usually wakes up with me, but on the weekends has both me and Liz, which everyone loves.  Last weekend we took our time waking up and snapped this pics that remind me of a photo booth.