Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Down the Aisle

A few weeks ago, before things got crazy around here with friends and family visiting, Nicole opened a box from Patty to find these shells.  Of course she said yes and is very, very excited to walk down the aisle.  Did I say that?  wow....
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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dealt It

Sometime around three or four months ago, she learned that farts are funny.  No clue where she got that idea from.  If she's anything like her mom, she'll continue to think that farts are funny for quite a long time.
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...taught her how to do this. And it wasn't me.
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Positive Altitude

We took a few days last weekend to head up to Lake Tahoe and spend with Daveand Eva's side of the family.  It's been a while since we'veall spent the night away from home together, and the first few nights weretough.  Not sure if it was the altitude or the general infamiliarity, butHuelan did not do well.  Which means that we did not do well.

But unlike us, the restless sleep didn't seem to have much of an effect onher the next day (maybe because we weren't kicking her in theface all night).  The vid above was taken about 5 mins after she woke upin the morning.

Despite some slightly frayed nerves, the weekend was just what the doctorordered.  QT with family and a short walk to the pool, as well as a numberof other diversions.  Huelan got to spend time with her cousins on Eva'sside, and at this age there's nothing she likes better than hanging with othermunchkins.  Execpt maybe the arcade at Harvey's.

Some pics here